Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The efxarisathens.gr website welcomes you and invites you to read carefully before your browsing the page, the following Terms of Use and the conditions under which the use and the content of efxarisathens.gr is allowed.

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The website efxarisathens.gr assures visitors and/or users that the data and the information contained are complete and reliable. Reserves the right to change, add or remove part or all services with or without prior notice.


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efxarisathens.gr website strives for the best operation operation of its page. It does not undertake and is not responsible for the uninterrupted and error-free provision of its content and services.

In any case, efxarisathens.gr is not responsible for any kind of damage that may occur to the visitor and/or user since they are visiting the page on their own initiative.

The content and information contained in efxarisathens.gr are provided to the visitor and/or user of the page “as they are”. Information and/or advice should not be considered as valid and do not constitute and incentive to carry out unauthorized acts.

efxarisathens.gr website does not control or is responsible for the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services of other websites and pages controlled by third parties (natural or legal persons), which the visitor or/and user chooses to visit through links or promotional titles hosted on efxarisathens.gr

efxarisathens.gr visitors and/or users use the services and information on their own initiative and bear the relevant responsibility for the use of the website and for cross-referencing the disclosed information, some of which are provided by third parties and are note verified, nor confirmed for their accuracy.


Cookies are small text files that a website stores on the visitor’s and/or user’s computer or mobile device, etc. when visiting the specific website. In this way the website remembers the visitor’s and/or user’s preferences (eg. Language, font size etc), so as not to be needed for the visitor to enter the information every time he visits the specific website or browses its pages.

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efxarisathens.gr website may use them to identify the visitor and/or use of certain services and pages. The use of cookies makes using the website easier and can be better adapted to the needs of the visitor and/or user. Enabling cookies is not necessary for the website operation, though offers the ability for a much better browsing.

By using cookies visitor’s and /or user’s personal date are not to be transferred.

The visitor and/or the internet user has the ability to set his browser likely so as to be warned about the use of cookies in specific services. Moreover, the visitor and/or user has the ability not to accept the use of cookies. For informational reasons only: non-acceptance of cookies may adversely affect the use of certain services.

The use of efxarisathens.gr website implies that the visitor and/or the user consents to the use od cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

If there is any disagreement regarding the cookies acceptance of this specific website, the visitor and/or the user must adjust his/her browser program or not to use the efxarisathens.gr website.

In case of different devices (computer, tablet, mobile etc.) the browsing program of each device should be set up separately according the cookies preferences.

The conditions about the visitors’ and/or users’ personal data collection and management are covered by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) during visiting efxarisathens.gr website or using its services.

The data declared on the webisite (Name, Surname, E-mail, Telephone) are not disclosed to third parties, are not made public or exploited in any way. These data are declared by the visitor and/or user so as to:

Communicate the website efxarisathens.gr, by filling the contact.

efxarisathens.gr collects personal data for the sole purpose of informing the visitor and/or user about the services and the content that are exclusive related to the website efxarisathens.gr

If a visitor and/or user does not agree with the terms of personal data protection provided in this text, must not use the services of this website.